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Many people ask about our current needs. Our campaigns reflect the areas we're focused on right now. In addition, some of our partners and supporters will also start campaigns from time-to-time and their efforts are also reflected here. People who are oppressed or living in a developing country face adversity in many forms. So our campaigns seek to address these issues as they arise. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to start a campaign of your own! Call or email HERE.

Internet For Hosanna

Hosanna is Ready to be WIRED!   Students at Adams Thermal Academy Hosanna (ATAH) are ready to take a giant leap forward.     Plans are under way to connect the computer lab at ATAH to the inter...


Library Books for Hosanna & Ottoro

Ethiopia Affects Everyone Differently.     Ethiopia is a land of great beauty and great diversity. For the first-time visitor, there's almost too many thoughts, emotions and ideas to ...


Ethiopia COVID-19 Response

Being enrolled at the Adams Thermal Academies provides an education and a path out of poverty in the long run. But the schools also provide much needed meals to the students each day, which they're...


Life Church Desks & Chairs

In the fall of 2018, leadership from Life Church came to Adams Thermal Foundation to ask about a need that could be address through the church's annual "Sunday of Generosity". One of the most press...


Ottoro High School Classrooms

On Easter Sunday 2018, Pastors Doug and Brian shared their vision for a new high school in Ottoro with the congregation at Hillcrest Church. Jesus has risen from the tomb and forever changed the co...