New Ethiopia Project Director

Published Mon, Mar 29, 2021


Please join us in welcoming our new Project Director, Tsegahun Ayele, to Adams Thermal Foundation Ethiopia (ATFE).

In December of 2020, Tsegahun took over responsibility for the operations of Adams Thermal Academies in Hosanna and Ottoro. Prior to joining ATFE, Tsegahun held various positions with the EECMY School for the Deaf in Hosanna including Unit Leader, Deputy Director, Head of Education and Teacher Training. In addition, Tsegahun served on the Parent / Teacher Committee at Adams Thermal Academy Hosanna for several years prior to becoming Project Director.

Tsegahun is not only a life-long educator, but also a life-long learner having earned Diplomas in Geography, Theology and Special Education. He also earned Bachelor's degrees in Management Development and Special Needs Education as well as Master's Degrees in Leadership and Special Needs Education. Tsegahun is also fluent in six languages including English, sign language and several of the local tribal languages.

Tsegahun was born and raised in Durame, south of Hosanna in the Kembata Tembaro zone. His parents worked and lived with missionaries from the United States, Finland, Sweden and Germany. So Tsegahun was exposed to a variety of cultures early in life. He is married and has four children. Tsegahun enjoys volunteering his time with his local church, helping with the translation of sign language text books and serving as president of the regional paralympics committee for the Hadiya Zone, SNNPR.

According to Tsegahun, joining ATFE is a continuation of his life's work. "Almost all of my experiences are with that of charitable or ministry work," says Tsegahun. "In my personal and working life, I have not been focused on the salary I have been earning, but on the effect, or change in the life of the people whom I am serving," he added.

"We are so grateful to have an educator and trainer with local roots serving our school programs," said Samuel Getachew, Director of Africa Operations for Adams Thermal Foundation in the United States. "We believe that God's timing is perfect and that Tsegahun has joined us during an exciting new chapter in the history of our organization," stated Getachew.

Thank you, Tsegahun, for joining our mission to serve the "poorest of the poor" in Ethiopia!