Meet Your Advocate

Published Thu, Oct 29, 2020


Did you know there's someone on our staff to help you with your child sponsorship experience?
This past May, we created a new position at Adams Thermal Foundation called the Sponsor Advocate. The core responsibility of the Sponsor Advocate is to help our friends and supporters engage and interact with the person(s) they sponsor. Part of this responsibility includes helping sponsors use their online Sponsorship Portal. The portal is a private web-page where sponsors can manage their sponsorship and correspond with those they sponsor. 
Cindy Schmitz is one of our new Sponsor Advocates. To help our friends and supporters get to know her, we've asked Cindy to share some thoughts about her new role with Adams Thermal Foundation. 
Q: What led you to volunteer for the position of Sponsor Advocate?
A: After working in technology and then as a home educator, I was hoping to spend time doing something that would include my love for Jesus and people, my passion for education, and heart for the gospel.
Q: Describe a "good day" serving as a Sponsor Advocate.
A: A good day includes learning something new about how God is using Adams Thermal Foundation to impact lives. I love hearing the excitement when a new sponsor decides to begin the sponsorship journey. There's also satisfaction when sponsors successfully log in to receive a letter from their sponsor child and are excited to write back. I recently had an instance where a 3-year old selected a child for her parents to sponsor and now prays every night for that child by name. That was a really good day!
Q: What impact do you hope to make in your new role?
A: My hope is to improve the communication between the Foundation and its supporters. It is satisfying getting to know the people who are involved and committed to this important work and helping them to connect so lives are changed by the love and truth of Jesus within the ongoing work of the Foundation.
Q: What can you tell others about the experience of sponsorship?
A: You might decide to sponsor children to bless them by investing in their lives, education, and families. But, be ready to be blessed in return as you pray for them, and they write to you. You will be encouraged by your sponsor children from the opposite side of the world as they express their hope in God and pray for you.
If you have questions or desire to go deeper with your sponsorship, Cindy is available to assist you via email at or via phone or text message at (605) 214-3212. 
Would you like to access your online Sponsorship Portal? We use an online tool called REACH that allows you to have 24/7 access to your sponsorship information. In addition to sending and receiving correspondence, you can edit your contact and payment information, review your donations, print your tax receipt documentation and manage your sponsorship account. If you have a sponsorship, your account information has already been added to REACH.
1) Enter your email address in the space provided.
2) IMPORTANT - leave the password field blank!
3) Click the red "Sign in" button.
4) You'll receive another email with instructions to set up your password.
Welcome, Cindy! We're grateful to have you on the team!