Introducing Teacher Sponsorships!

Published Fri, Apr 05, 2019


For several years, you’ve been supporting God’s work in Ethiopia through our student sponsorship program. We are pleased to introduce our Teacher Sponsorship Program, which is in place to support the salary, healthcare and retirement of the teachers at Adams Thermal Academies in Hossana and Ottoro, Ethiopia. While the sponsorship supports the teacher financially, it has the potential to be much, much more. Our hope is to connect active and retired educators in the U.S. with our teachers in Ethiopia. Our vision is for these to be collaborative relationships, through which the educators can exchange ideas and information, discuss teaching methods and content from halfway around the world. 

Teacher sponsorships differ from Child sponsorships in that the total dollars needed is far greater than for a child. Because of this, each teacher is divided into 7 shares at $40 per month each. As a result, each teacher can have as many as seven sponsors, which lends itself very well to co-workers, departments or friends to join together in a sponsorship.

While this is an excellent opportunity for teachers to connect with other teachers, anyone is welcome and encouraged to sponsor, get to know and collaborate with a Teacher at Adams Thermal Academies regardless of their profession.  To learn more, click on Get Involved and then Sponsorships. From there you can view information about all students and/or teachers that are in need of sponsorship. Please note that out of respect for their privacy, the information available for teacher is kept very limited until someone chooses to sponsor them. At that time, full information and a photo will be shared with the sponsor.