A Friendly Rivalry

Published Sat, Jan 26, 2019

A Friendly Rivalry

Each December, a team from Adams Thermal Foundation travels to Ethiopia on a joyful mission. The central focus of the trip is to celebrate Christmas and and honor the hard work and successes of the staff at the schools in Hosanna and Ottoro, as well as the offices in Addis Ababa. Parents and families of the students are encouraged to attend the festivities as well. 

This is the only time each year that all of the staff and teachers in Ethiopia are together, and everyone takes full advantage of the opportunity to provide feedback, make suggestions and exchange ideas. A lunch is served, there are musical performances and skits by the students and everyone gets along great… until the soccer ball comes out. 

Each year the staff and teachers from the two schools square off in a coed soccer game that has developed into a good natured but fierce rivalry. In the past, the Hosanna Academy, which is in a city of 76,000 has dominated the rural Ottoro Academy. This year, however, the tables turned! it was Ottoro’s turn to dominate, scoring early and often and winning the match 7 - 0!