Published Fri, Sep 03, 2021

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our 5th Annual Scramble for Ethiopia Golf Tournament this past weekend. The event was held at the Hidden Valley Golf Course in Brandon, SD on Saturday morning, and the weather was almost perfect! At one point we heard thunder, and received a very few raindrops, but otherwise it was warm and sunny and relatively calm.
Our goal for the event was 10-10-10 - ten teams playing, ten child sponsorships and $10,000 raised - and we came very close to nailing it! We ended up with 8...

Published Mon, Jun 28, 2021



Published Fri, May 28, 2021

Pull a child out of a certain future bound for hunger, shame and deprivation. Feed them, clothe them, teach them and love them. Then watch them fly away and fulfill all of their God-given potential. It's a formula for success that's been working at Adams Thermal Academy Hosanna in Ethiopia. And in April, we celebrated that success with 38 new graduates who finally received their diplomas after waiting for 9 months due to the pandemic. 
Many of you know that Ethiopian high school graduates are given the opportunity to receive a subsidized college education if their academic performance meets...

Published Fri, May 14, 2021

Team-building in an organization helps to form key relationships, increase trust, encourage communication and strengthen collaboration. After welcoming two new senior managers into Adams Thermal Foundation Ethiopia over the past 8 months, our US team decided to invest in our management group through team-building meetings conducted in Addis Ababa this past February. Leaders from Adams Thermal Academies in Hosanna and Ottoro attended along with senior staff from our administration office in Addis Ababa. The group participated in classroom activities, meals, social outings and practical, team-based exercises. 
Much of the group classroom time was devoted to understanding and applying...

Published Wed, May 05, 2021

Hooray for Kindergarten!
If you were a kindergarten student at Adams Thermal Academy Hosanna, you'd be  feeling really blessed right now.
The Hosanna kindergarten classes recently participated in a dedication ceremony for their new facilities at Adams Thermal Academy. The kids have already moved into their new classrooms which is right next to their new playground and their new bathrooms. In fact, the kindergarteners now have their own, exclusive section of the school campus - NO big kids allowed!  
So the kindergarten class celebrated at the dedication ceremony by singing some happy songs and they even wrote...

Published Mon, Apr 12, 2021

Wholistic care for the poorest of the poor requires partnerships!

During our visit to Hosanna in February, we had the opportunity to celebrate one of our new partners, Dr. Zelalem Addisu of Eyu Clinic in Hosanna. Recently, Dr. Zelalem conducted eye examinations for 540 students at Adams Thermal Academy in Hosanna. In addition, he provided drug treatment for 10 students, surgery for one of the students and complimentary eye glasses for 25 of the students whose vision needed correction.
During a dedication ceremony at the school, Dr. Zelalem shared about his own struggles as a child and as a...

Published Mon, Mar 29, 2021


Please join us in welcoming our new Project Director, Tsegahun Ayele, to Adams Thermal Foundation Ethiopia (ATFE).

In December of 2020, Tsegahun took over responsibility for the operations of Adams Thermal Academies in Hosanna and Ottoro. Prior to joining ATFE, Tsegahun held various positions with the EECMY School for the Deaf in Hosanna including Unit Leader, Deputy Director, Head of Education and Teacher Training. In addition, Tsegahun served on the Parent / Teacher Committee at Adams Thermal Academy Hosanna for several years prior to becoming Project Director.

Tsegahun is not only a...

Published Fri, Mar 12, 2021

It's been exactly one year since our U.S. staff have been to Ethiopia. So it was encouraging to once again be with our staff and students in Hosanna and Ottoro this past February. Thank you to everyone who prayed for our health and safety. 
While new international travel restrictions added some complexity to our trip, there were no problems in meeting the new requirements. In addition, planes and airports were full of travelers resuming their personal and business trips. 
While visiting Ottoro, our staff was able to connect with the local elders and discuss current and future projects...

Published Fri, Jan 22, 2021


It's one of the biggest and most important festivals on the Ethiopian calendar. Timkat or Timket, which is translated "baptism", is an Orthodox Christian occasion to mark the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River. It is also known as the Ethiopian celebration of Epiphany which is recognized and celebrated by the Christian church worldwide. Since most of the population is Orthodox Christian, millions of Ethiopians celebrate the occasion of Timkat.

Timkat is on 19th of January and the full event lasts for 3 days. On the 18th of January, preparations begin for Timkat....

Published Fri, Jan 15, 2021


After nearly nine months out-of-school, the lower grades at Adams Thermal Academies are back in the classroom. Ethiopia took a phased approach in bringing students back to school after the COVID shutdown earlier in the year. First the older students in grades 5-12 were allowed to come back at the beginning of November. Then the lower grades, KG through 4th, came back in late December. Our schools are now full with a total enrollment of 1,273 in Hosanna and Ottoro! And we're continuing with our mitigation plans to protect all...


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